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Islamabad ostrich farm is a specialized agricultural enterprise focused on raising and breeding ostriches for their valuable products. These large, flightless birds are not only fascinating to observe but also provide a range of high-quality goods. Ostrich farms produce lean and healthy ostrich meat, luxurious and durable ostrich leather, beautiful and functional ostrich feathers, and giant ostrich eggs, which are both a culinary delight and a canvas for art. Additionally, ostrich oil is harvested for its beneficial properties in skincare. Ostrich farming combines animal husbandry with sustainable practices to offer diverse and unique products to various markets.




All Natural Omega’s & (EFAs) For Joint and Muscle Pain

An organic pain reliever
Fast relief for joint & muscle pain, arthritis, back pain, and injuries in your body
Reduces pain and inflammation
No steroids and no side effects


Hey guys, I bought Islamabad Ostrich Farms Pure Ostrich Oil, few days back for my grandmother who was facing backache for a long time. We used it & you won’t believe she is feeling much better. She gave Lot’s of Dua for Islamabad Ostrich Farms team & also me for bringing such a miraculous medication for her.

Abdur Rehman


Bought your ostrich oil from website, and OMG… my shoulder pain just went away after massage with that oil woh b just once. Allhamdulilah and JazakAllah khair. may Allah bless you guys. Ameen.

Raza Munir Ahmad


Most effective oil. First I used it for my lower back ache, it went away for a long time and as we know it won’t disappear but it relieved (case to case). Later I had hair line fracture in my foot and magically it helped in healing but with care not to over use my foot. It healed and I need it no more. One should also follow the instructions given by the company for application and your doctor too. Good luck to all users.

Arsalan Ahmad



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