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Islamabad Ostrich Farms wants to establish ostrich industry in Pakistan. Our founder Mr. Muhammad Sharif Cheema is renowned Forester from many decade, he just turned his focus at ostrich farming and start doing efforts for the promotion of ostrich farming across Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Sharif Cheema is a person endowed with a number of distinct and diverse qualities, including business acumen, agriculture farming, negotiation skills and bold decision-making. He utilities his all talent for the promotion of Ostrich farming from year 2010. His style of leadership is marked by a progressive outlook for the Ostrich Farming Industry in Pakistan, and introduce new emerging opportunities, for the betterment of Ostrich farming in Pakistan. The role and contribution as well as his continued struggle of his leadership is amply reflected in the phenomenal growth attained by Islamabad Ostrich Farms over the years.

– High quality standards
– A decade of expertise & constant innovations
– Returning customers & positive feedbacks


Our Executive Director Mr. Bilal Khalid Cheema is young and energetic; he has an unyielding desire to achieve a high standard of work in everything that he does. He is an extremely confident, focused and organized individual who has the ability to prioritize workloads to meet deadlines and achieve objectives.

In his current role which is practically that of a chief operating officer he has gained a reputation for improving operational efficiency and maximizing growth of Ostrich farming in Pakistan. He is flexible in his opinions and open to changing things at short notice.

Islamabad Ostrich Farms worked hard to utilizing the latest tools and best available local and international expertise to promote ostrich farming. Islamabad Ostrich Farms is the one of the most leading Ostrich farming company in Pakistan who actively and successfully doing work on promoting ostrich farming from last 10 years. Currently Islamabad Ostrich Farms provide complete consultancy service for protecting the client investment and asset. Islamabad Ostrich Farms Imports, produces, distributes, maintains and supplies quality Ostrich chicks and Ostrich products all over Pakistan. Maintaining high customer satisfaction level, our company is offering services in terms of technical assistance, medication and safe investment in Ostrich farming not only local market as well as in international market. The founder and CEO are great even in unfavorable circumstance to promote ostrich farming in Pakistan Islamabad Ostrich Farms is remain committed to our vision and mission of Sustainability and quality, to provide Pure organic products to inspire the current and future generations in this era.


On March 31, 2020, Business wire published the article,
Ostrich Pharma USA Produces Antibodies to Block the Virus that Causes COVID-19.

*Ostrich Pharma USA, under the trade name “OstriGen,” is exploiting the powerful immune system of the ostrich to develop a revolutionary class of treatments and prophylaxes that are highly effective and economical.

Our Services

Islamabad Ostrich Farms imports Healthy and vaccinated, Breeder ostrich chicks from South Africa. To all Ostrich Farmers, Islamabad Ostrich Farms provides complete training. technical assistance, consultancy, medication. to ensure safe and risk free investment in Ostrich Farming. Islamabad Ostrich Farms consultants visit farm before and after construction to ensure right standards. After delivery of Ostrich chicks, Islamabad Ostrich Farms Consultants regularly visit farms to ensure compliance with standards, health of chicks and success of farm. Islamabad Ostrich Farms helps Ostrich farmers in managing every stage of Ostrich farming from chick rearing, breeding, hatching, and brooding. Islamabad Ostrich Farms also provides Ostrich related products like special food for Ostrich including starters, grower, finishers and layer feed, as well as medications to farmers. Islamabad Ostrich Farms is not only creating market for Ostrich meat and leather inside Pakistan, but it is also doing business with international clients all over the world.